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Oops! Make that a Decade’s Baker’s Dozen!
December 30, 2009, 12:44 am
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Oh, damn! I knew something like this would happen…

In every scribbled list and every rough draft I made of my top films for the last decade, one film title was consistently present. And then when I posted my final list, it had inexplicably disappeared.

So consider this a red-faced amendment to the list below. Because frankly I’d be be embarrassed to put my name on any Decade’s Best list that left out the David Lynch masterpiece, Mulholland Drive.

I’ve never been a lover of Lynch’s work, only an occasional. often puzzled admirer. But Mullholland Drive is something else again: an insane, impenetrable, surreal Hollywood dreamscape, both beautiful and bizarre. It seems to be about something – it may be about nothing. I’ve never really cared. It’s just so beautiful and thrilling to watch that, for me, it resists all attempts at interpretation.


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Pat: I am still trying to put together my own dozen best films of the decade too, and I am frankly not sure if MULHOLLAND DRIVE will get in. I like the film quite abit and recognize its critical love, but there are others that are ahead of it for me. We'll see.

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