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There’ll Be Some Changes Made….
December 11, 2009, 3:17 pm
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“One bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch, girl!” – The Osmonds

Well, maybe not, but if that one bad apple is Pervy McPerverson, and he’s bombarding your blog with leering comments, than you have to take action.

Starting today, I am tightening up the commenting restrictions on Doodad Kind of Town. No more anonymous comments here; you must, at minimum, be registered on OpenID. And if you leave a comment on a post that is more than 3 weeks old, I’ll have to approve it before it gets posted.

My apologies to any regular readers or any legitimate film blogger who stops by with an intelligent – or even a cantankerous – observation to share. Please be sure assured this is NOT aimed at you.

Thanks for your understanding. Blog on!


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I never did the word verification until about two months ago when I started getting inundated with spam. The word verification has lessened but not eliminated it. Yours sounds more like just some jerk exercising his jerkiness in full form. Sorry about that Pat. Eventually we might all have to go to moderated comments.

Comment by Greg

Personally, I'm just never going that route. Anything questionable can be deleted. I only get sporadic spamming so it's not much of an issue for me.And I've thought about turning comment mod on, but my favorite thing about having a blog is the way that discussion can bloom, and having moderation on can really interrupt the flow. I like your system of having mod on old entries, though. Very fair.How strange a place this internet is.

Comment by Ryan Kelly

I'm so sorry about that, Patty. But this is the internet, after all. I hope it's not the same idiotic scumbag that I used to write for. I sincerely hope that he didn't have anything to do with this. He is definitely an unbalanced sleazeball and he is quite capable of making those kinds of comments.He certainly has. WordPress knows all about it. Believe me. This is why my site has always been moderated. Right from the start. He posts all over the net under a million different aliases (men as well as women) and at my friends' sites as well. Still, there is no shortage of lunatics out there in cyberspace. Such is reality. Unfortunate as it is. *sigh* Carry on…

Comment by miranda-wilding

Thanks, all.Ryan, I'm all in favor of free-flowing exchange of ideas, and I'm not trying to squash that. I'm only trying to discourage drive-by pervs (and I think I could make a strong argument that, as a female, I feel more buggged by these unsolicite links to call girl sites and so forth – violated even -than most men would be.)

Comment by Pat

I'm sorry this happened, Pat. Truly. You pour your heart and soul into a project, and somebody trashes it.Miranda — hi, Miranda! — knows that WordPress has something called "Askimet". I never have problems because it catches 99.99% of everything automatically. The other 0.01% that gets through I catch with the setting of "moderate first-time commenters."

Comment by Rick

That last comment was me, btw. I was signed in under my church google account. Lucky I wasn't signed in as P.McPerveson …

Comment by Rick Olson

Rick -Thanks, and I did know it was you. No Pervy McPervesons signing in so far.

Comment by Pat

Call girl sites, Patty? Sounds EXACTLY like Mr. Scuzzball. Let's just say that if I ever visit Chicago I won't be coming without a police escort. Or a firing squad. From what I hear, it's a lovely place. After all, you and Marilyn reside in the area. But every big gorgeous city has its share of sleazy wack jobs. Too bad. Too sad. Hi, Rick. No, I have NOT been avoiding you. I check in at CCC regularly. It's just that you and I have had some major differences of opinion lately *coughWoodycough* and I don't feel like upsetting anyone or rocking the boat. You've also discussed a number of films that I haven't seen. Can't post if I have no opinion to share. I'll be back on site when I have something definite to say. And you know damn well that that has to happen sooner or later…

Comment by miranda-wilding

Miranda -I have no reason to believe that "Pervy" is local- for all I know, he might be sitting in front a laptop in Katmandu. I didn't even bother to look into his IP address on sitemeter. But his posts were unwelcome, no matter where they come from.

Comment by Pat

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