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Lazy Post on "Nine"
September 30, 2009, 2:02 am
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All the buzz over the upcoming release of Rob Marshall’s “Nine” (which is, of course, the musical version of Fellini’s “8 1/2”) has made me nostalgic. As I’ve mentioned, I was in a 1993 Indianapolis production of “Nine” – what I may not have mentioned is that the show was the best stage experience I ever had.

Inspired by those happy memories – as well as Ryan Kelly’s recent post on some of his own acting experiences, I offer a few photos:

First, here’s a look at the set and most of the cast. Not the best quality picture, but looks fairly Felliniesque, huh? I loved our all-white set and all-black costumes. Not to land a spoiler on you (and God only knows what Marshall is going to do with the film), but in the finale, the entire cast appear in all-white costumes to allow them to blend into the background and out of Guido’s mind – all except Guido and Luisa, who remain clothed in black. In case you can’t tell, these are all women. The Guidos – adult and nine-year-old versions – are the only males in the cast.

That’s me on the right. The actress on my left (the wonderful Wendy Haydock) and I were two of the show’s four cartoonish German women – roles which you can be pretty sure will be eliminated in the film version. They were already cut from the show in the 2004 Broadway revival, and as we all know, they aren’t based on any of the characters from “8 1/2.”

Here are all four Germans (to my right are my very dear friend Cindy and the delightful Tam DeBolt). These are really just glorified chorus parts, but we each got some fun bits to do, plus we were featured in our own big production number, “The Germans at the Spa.”

More production number fun:

And finally, here we are with Guido,being taught how to dance the tarantella, which we’re meant to perform in his musical biopic on Casanova. Have I mentioned that “Nine” takes some huge liberties with Fellini’s original script? I can’t tell from the trailer if Marshall is keeping the Casanova production numbers, but I hope he does. They’re a whole lot of fun, even if their connection to “8 1/2” is a little tenuous.


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Hey, hot mama. You look pretty damn spectacular in these photos. So that's what you look like??? Good to kmow. It's always great to put a face to brilliant insightful writing. I am so very impressed with your theatrical background, Patty. Sounds like you had a lot of fun doing it too. All this talk about NINE is making my anticipation go sky high. Only two months away. Hope it's as good we want it to be.Fingers crossed and all that.

Comment by Miranda Wilding

Oh, this is really wonderful! Now I'll have to dig out MY theatre shots from high school.

Comment by Marilyn

Miranda Hot mama? You crack me up!Remember these pics were taken 16 years ago when I was in platinum blonde and stage makeup. I do bear a passing resemblance to this crazy German lady, but I have a few more lines in my face now.You're right about one thing, though. It was great fun doing this show.Marilyn -I would love to see your high school theatre pics. It's fun to relieve the old thespian day, isn't it? (I assume you know, however, my pics aren't from high school- I was 33 years old in these shots.)

Comment by Pat

Just the hair color is different! Ha! Priceless photos here Pat! A glorious trip down memory lane and I'll bet you were real good too! C'mon Marilyn, let's see yours too!

Comment by Sam Juliano

I think I have a few in my year books. I get on scanning them.

Comment by Marilyn

Sam -It was a great show, great fun. I don't know how great I was – I didn't have that big a part – but our cast as a whole was wonderful.Marilyn – We'll be waiting anxiously…..

Comment by Pat

I'd love to see Marilyn's stage pics too. These are wonderful Pat, thanks for sharing. I'll put up a few more of mine eventually on Facebook but I never saved many.

Comment by Greg

Greg -Thanks, these actually aren't pictures that I saved. I had video tapes of many of my shows that I transferred to DVD about five years ago. These are actually screen grabs from the DVD. Given that the DVD was created from an almost 12-year-old VHS tape, they're not bad.

Comment by Pat

Damn! I wish I had stage pictures … maybe they'd go up instead of some of those anemic, crappy posts I've been doing lately.Does anybody wanna see my family vacations when I was a kid? I remember a whole set of us kids' butts … looking at Old Faithful, looking at the Firehole River, looking at Yellowstone Lodge. Well, I think we're looking at them, because all you can see are our BUTTS.I am not eagerly anticipating "Nine" because I hold "8 1/2" in such high regard. But, he grumbled, I'll probably see it.

Comment by Rick Olson

Well, I dunno Rick, I think I'd like to see your family vacation pics. Backsides and Old Faithful – that sounds like a family vacation pic, alright.I think it will be interesting to compare notes after we've both seen "Nine."

Comment by Pat

Rick…KIDS' BUTTS? WITH NO FACES???And, despite your fervent adoration of 8 1/2, you HAVE to be excited for NINE. Pat and I said so. SO THERE…

Comment by Miranda Wilding

That's terrific – I had no idea you were in that show but definitely understand your excitement for the movie! My stage experience has been limited to mostly skits and sketches and random stuff with my a cappella group in college, but in high school I did play a couple roles in a church production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Love that show, and I've still never even seen a professional production of it.

Comment by Daniel Getahun

Daniel -I'll bet "Joseph" was a great experience – that is such a fun show. I think I've enjoyed the community theatres stagings I've seen more than the professional ones. (And I even saw Donny Osmond in the long-running Chicago production of "Joseph" – it was way too big and Vegas-y for me.)What parts did you play?

Comment by Pat

I'd still love to see it someday, or heck, even see a film adaptation.I played both Judah and the Butler. Good times…

Comment by Daniel Getahun

OMG!! These shots are hilarious. That had to be one of the best shows ever. I don't think that I have a DVD (or video) of this show. It is great to see the screen shots.You have got me so excited for nine — I can't wait!!

Comment by cindy

Cindy – I could probably burn you a copy of the DVD. It's really fun to watch again. So many memories….

Comment by Pat

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