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Saluting the "Spirit of Ed Wood" Blogathon on its Final Day
July 12, 2009, 7:13 pm
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It’s been a lively week in the blogosphere with the “Spirit of Ed Wood” blogathon – hosted by Greg at Cinema Styles – in full swing.

Sadly, on this the final day of the blogathon, I’m only just starting to catch up with the many fine posts. I was unexpectedly slammed with a mountain of extra work and overtime this week, so my post on exploitation-filmmaker-turned-born-again-Christian Ron Ormond and his cheesy Cold War cautionary tale “If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do?” will have to wait for a quieter time.

As I noted on someone’s comment thread this week, everything I know about Ed Wood I learned from Tim Burton. In that spirit, I offer this clip; Ed’s state of mind in this scene pretty much mirrors my own for the past week, given the slate of near-impossible tasks I’ve been asked to take on at work. Fortunately I’ve stopped short of donning an angora sweater and running out to the nearest bar. Enjoy.


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Hey, splendid luxurious angora sweaters (of many colours) and cocktails – especially Silver Clouds or Quaker Shakes – would go a LONG way towards cheering me up. Oh hell yeah…So sorry you've been run off your feet, Patty. You should be enjoying your summer, damn it. Here's to hoping that the clutter gets smoothed away ASAFP and that you get some time for some precious R & R. No one deserves that like you do…

Comment by Miranda Wilding

Thanks for posting this Pat. I look forward to your Ron Ormond post whenever it happens.

Comment by Greg

Fortunately I've stopped short of donning an angora sweater and running out to the nearest bar. Enjoy. …Funny, I did that just week.Just a JOKE, people. And I look forward to your Ormond post as well.

Comment by Rick Olson

Miranda, Greg and Rick -Thanks, all.I actually have a lot to say about Ron Ormond's film, and I hope to post it a little later this week.

Comment by Pat

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