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I’ll Be Gone for a Few Days….
June 10, 2009, 12:15 am
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Folks, I’ll be away from here for a few days. One of my favorite aunts passed away yesterday, unexpectedly, and I’ve been feeling too sad to finish my latest post. I’m also struggling to finish about four days worth of work in the next two before I take off for the wake and funeral.

I should be back here by Sunday, and hopefully will be able to finish my Movie Time Period and Place meme post for Daniel’s challenge then.

Carry on.

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My condolences, Pat, things like this are never easy.All your internet friends will be waiting for you when you get back.I am sorry for your loss. =(

Comment by Ryan Kelly

Pat, I am so sorry for your loss and I honestly have no expectation for you to think about something as ridiculous as my meme at a time like this. Please, it is so insignificant in relation to what we deal with daily in all of our real lives. And they are very real – that should never be ignored.Safe travels and my condolences to your family.

Comment by Daniel Getahun

Yeah, what Ryan and Danny said…My heart breaks for you, my girl. Nobody knows better than me how hard it is to lose a loved one…and though you and I barely know each other, I know you understand why I can make that claim. Any words that I would type out into this insignificant little box would be woefully inadequate. Just know that I (and all of your internet friends) will be thinking of you while you take care of whatever it is that you have to do. I swear, some days I wish I had a magic wand. But all I have is a garter belt and an Uzi. (Sorry. Just trying to make you laugh.) Much love, safe journey and my most sincere condolences to your family. See you when you get back, Patty.

Comment by Miranda Wilding

Thank you all for your kind words. Much appreciated.Daniel – I knew of course you would more than understand. I just metioned the meme post 'cause it's in the works."All I have is a garter belt and an Uzi". Miranda, I'm am ROTFLMAO. That certainly cheered me up!(Isn't that all any woman needs? HA!)

Comment by Pat

I'm so sorry for your loss Pat. I look forward to your return next week.

Comment by Greg

So sorry about your Aunt, Pat.Sending you a hug and wishing you peace during this hard time. If I can slip away from all this construction, we should do dinner and a libation. xo

Comment by Parisjasmal

Pat, my deepest condolences on this terrible loss. I am hopeful you can get past the pain of the upcoming days, and of course know the feeling well. Very very sad.

Comment by Sam Juliano

Sam, Greg,Jen and all,Thanks to all of you for stopping by and sending your condolences. Much appreciated. It's been a tough week, but I'm ready to carry on.

Comment by Pat

Welcome back.Yes, that is conscious irony; I disappear for about seventy days and I'm welcoming you back, haha. :-)I'm busily catching up here…

Comment by Alexander Coleman

Pat, I just went back here and saw that my final comment was somehow posted with the front part missing. I have no idea why. Nevertheless, I like everyone else, am deeply sorry for your loss. Profound and profuse condolences.

Comment by Alexander Coleman

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