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TOERIFC: It’s All Happenin’ Here on Monday with "Dancer in the Dark"
May 15, 2009, 12:16 am
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This Monday, May 18, The Oldest Established Really Important Film Club (TOERIFC) gathers here to discuss the Lars Von Trier musical “Dancer in the Dark.”

And I can’t wait to get the discussion started. I’ve been so immersed in this film – and in Von Trier’s work in general lately – that I’m really itchin’ to hear some other points of view.

Nevertheless, I’ll have lots to say come Monday, and hopefully so will you. So if you haven’t seen “Dancer in the Dark” yet (or recently), scoop up the DVD this weekend at Blockbuster or wherever you get your video fix, and head over to Doodad Kind of Town on Monday. I’m aiming to get the post up by 10:00 am EST and I’ll be eagerly waiting for folks to join in the discussion.

In the meantime, here’s a little background reading you might also like to partake of:

  • From Senses of Cinema, a thoughtful profile of Von Trier
  • This interview with Von Trier, conducted as he was preparing to film “Dancer in the Dark,” reveals how he was inspired to make the film, how he chose the time and setting and why he cast Catherine Deneuve
  • As you may already know, Von Trier and his star, Bjork, didn’t exactly see eye-to-eye on the film. Here’s her side of the story. (More on this come Monday.)
  • Finally, if you really love “Dancer in the Dark” – and you’re on Facebook – head over to this page and “Become a Fan.” You’ll be joining 5922 other people.


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I’m looking forward to this! I just watched the film last night and I’ll have *lots* to say come Monday.

Comment by Ed Howard

Ed – I’m greatly looking forward to your comments and input. This shoudl be another lively discussion.

Comment by Pat

I’m watching it over the weekend. It should be a challenge, as the only other time I tried to watch it, I switched it off. But I’ll be ready come Monday.BTW, if you’re interested in seeing Riget (The Kingdom), I have the entire series and would be willing to lend. There’s a review of it on my site.

Comment by Marilyn

Well, this was my #1 film of 2001, and I did make a submission over at Ric’s site and look forward to participating in what is sure to be a lively and enriching discourse!

Comment by Sam Juliano

Pat, I just updated the banner at my place and TOERIFC and put up a third reminder post on the discussion. What a great choice. I think it will inspire quite healthy discussion.

Comment by Greg

Marilyn, Greg and Sam -I’m looking forward to seeing all of you here tomorrow. There’s certainly plent to talk about.

Comment by Pat

I can’t wait for this, either. I just got done watching this. It’s my first time seeing it in awhile. Hopefully I’ll have something to add…I know I’ll have a lot of questions. This should be fun.

Comment by Kevin J. Olson

Well, I made it through to the end this time. I have a lot to say; hope I don’t have a heavy work day tomorrow!

Comment by Marilyn

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