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Don’t Forget! Monday is TOERIFC Day at Coosa Creek Cinema.
March 15, 2009, 11:05 pm
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Be sure to jump in the Creek tomorrow – that’s Coosa Creek Cinema, in case you don’t know – to join in the lively discussion of Jean Renoir’s “Boudu Saved From Drowning.” There’s sure to be lots of thoughtful and insightful commentary from host Rick Olson and the usual TOERIFC suspects. If you’ve seen the movie recently (I watched it myself last night, for the first time since my college freshman-year film studies class), feel free to join in the conversation.

Meanwhile, “Doodad Kind of Town” has been relatively quiet this past week. (I was catching up on pursuits other than watching and writing about films – imagine that! Unfortunately even cinephiles eventually have to sit down and work on their tax returns.) But even as I took a break, the blog reached a significant milestone: March 10 marked the second anniversary of “Doodad’s” inaugural post. In honor of that milestone, I’ll be posting a lot more in the week to come. Please stop back often!

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BOUDOU was admittedly a wonderful choice to launch this series, it’s a film few aren’t endeared by, and it’s director of course is one the giants of cinemas.Nice.

Comment by Sam Juliano

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