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You Say it’s Your Birthday? It’s My Birthday Too, yeah!
January 5, 2009, 11:12 pm
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I’m blowing out birthday candles today, along with Bob and Diane. (The good news is, I’m much younger than they are!)

Coincidentally, this is also a birthday, of sorts, for this blog.

It was one year ago today I joined the Large Association of Movie Blogs (LAMB). That association has opened a lively world of discussion, debate, commiseration and shared laughs with many talented writers in the blogosphere. They can be found on my blogroll at the right.

The LAMB has grown by leaps and bounds in the past year. When I joined, I was number 24 on the roll. Today, the LAMB is 225 bloggers strong and still growing. There are a lot of cinephiles out there, and they have something to say!

As we roll in to 2009, I’m looking forward to continued lively debate at The Oldest Established Really Important Film Club. Each month, one member will choose a film for the entire club to watch. On a preordained date, that member will post about that film on their blog, and the members will “gather” there to debate and discuss. The festivities start one week from today (January 12), when the ever-erudite and entertaining Marilyn of Ferdy on Films will host the discussion on “The True Meaning of Pictures: Shelby Lee Adams’ Appalachia.” Be sure to join us!


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Well, I wished you HAPPY BIRTHDAY in the other thread. So I just wanted to post here for posterity, Pat. I was aware that both you and the goddess DIANE shared a special day. Wonderful. Some very awesome people were born on my birthday as well.Funny how that works sometimes, right…? Anyway, honey, I sincerely hope you had a blast – and that there was something left of your home town once the celebration cooled down.

Comment by Miranda Wilding

Miranda -Thanks again for the kind wishes! I did my major celebrating over the weekend, so the town is intact tonight.

Comment by Pat

Happy Birthday, Pat!

Comment by Alexander Coleman

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAT! I worked all day yesterday and did not log on.I hope your day was wonderful!!!Dinner next week? Wednesday?

Comment by Parisjasmal

Happy Birthday, PatYour ever erudite and entertaining blog pal, Marilyn

Comment by Marilyn

Happy Birthday, PatYour ever-annoying but persistent blog pal,Rick

Comment by Rick Olson

Alexander, Jen, Mariyn, Rick- Thanks for the birthday wishes.I am older today, but – alas! – no wiser. But I’m gonna keep right on blogging anyway!Rick – You are never annoying. Persistent, sure – but not annoying.Jen – Dinner next Wendesday sounds great. I will call you.

Comment by Pat

Happy Birthday Pat! And stop being so nice, Rick is incredibly annoying.

Comment by Jonathan Lapper

Dangit…Happy Birthday (one day late) Pat!I don’t know how you doodad thing you do, but here’s to doing it for another year!

Comment by Fox

Jonathan and Fox,Thanks, guys!And maybe Jonathan is right. Maybe I am too nice. After yesterday, I’m probably old enough to move into the crochety, curmedgeonly stage of my life.

Comment by Pat

Pat, I am honored to be able to add my sincerest birthday wishes to you. Your effervescence and graciousness are deeply appreciated. I have seen that you light up all the sites of the bloggers who are lucky enough to have you, myself happily included.Best wishes for the best year ever in 2008 for a very special person.

Comment by Sam Juliano

Sam, you are too kind! Thank you for such nice thoughts.

Comment by Pat

Happy Belated Birthday, Pat!

Comment by Daniel Getahun

Belated wishes from me, too. 😉

Comment by Fletch

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