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Happy Holidays from Doodad Kind of Town
December 23, 2008, 5:48 pm
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“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” has always seemed to me a peculiarly melancholy Christmas tune, even when I hear it sung by singers other than Judy Garland and in contexts other than this scene from “Meet Me in St. Louis.” (In fact, next to Joni Mitchell’s “River,” it’s the biggest downer of a holiday tune that I can think of)

And melancholy is how I feel this holiday, as I nurse a back injury while coming to terms with the winter storm now raging outside my window, a storm which will very likely prevent me from spending Christmas Eve with my family in Indiana for the first time in my life.

But I’ve decided to put an end to this pity party, ’cause life could be a helluva lot worse. I have heat, food, Christmas Eve invitations from three nearby friends, presents under the tree and health insurance to cover any doctor visits that this back injury ultimately requires. In those respects and so many others, I am a very fortunate girl.

And, God knows, I’ve got movies to watch!

From me to you, have a wonderful holiday, be safe, be happy and may all your troubles be out of sight in 2009!


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Well, that’s not terribly grand. I’m sorry to hear that, Pat. I was aware that you had hurt your back. But I didn’t know that it was going to prevent you from visiting your family. I wish that there wsa something I could do to help. If I had a magic wand, you’d be my very first recipient. But I’m sure there are many people in your life that adore you…and they’ll be phoning and coming by in any event. I hope you’re feeling better. SOON. Drop around at CP for birthday week starting Sunday. Mine. Not the blog’s. We’ll have some laughs and get a little wild. Have to. It’s the holidays. I wish you the best of the season, Pat. Truly…

Comment by Miranda Wilding

OH MY GOSH Pat! In my flurry of holiday madness and travel I have not been on my blog nor checked many others–I had no idea about your back. I am so sorry. Thanks for the holiday card–I have one for you too but I was just going to give it to you with your fragrance I promised–over dinner?Let’s get together after the new year. I hope you are feeling better.Do you need anything?Oh and I think the “scary ghost stories and tales of the glories of Christmases long long ago” song is scary and strange. I mean seriously who tells ghost stories on Christmas?-and the song is called Most Wonderful Time of The Year.I happen to LOVE River. I like the Robert Downy Junior version though. It is on the Ally McBeal Christmas CD and it is WONDERFUL!Oh and I saw Valkyrie yesterday. I loved it because I love history and Germany. Tom was actually good, but he is always good in roles that require military uniforms and lots of that weird jaw clenching that he does. Your man Kenneth Branaugh is in it too.Hopefully dinner is on our agenda soon and hopefully you will feel better soon!xo

Comment by Parisjasmal

Miranda -Thanks for the kind words and wishes.It was the weather,more than the back injury,that was keeping me from getting to my parents’ house on Christmas Eve. However,both things greatly improved by Christmas morning, and the holiday turned out just fine. I will definitely be over at CP soom for your birthday celebration. I guess we are fellow Capricorns – mine is a week from Monday.

Comment by Pat

Jen -Thanks. I’m good now – I twisted my back shovelling snow on the Friday the 19th, and on the morning on Sun the 21st, I literally couldn’t get out of bed. All better, just a little stiff,nothing a heating pad and a few gentle stretches can’t take care of. I made it to Mom and Dad’s for Christmas morning, and all was well.Let’s definitely do dinner soon – I have lots of free time in the first couple weeks of the new year.Oh, and LOL on Tom Cruise being good in jaw-clenching roles. I’ll probably get around to seeeing Valkyrie eventually, but there are so many more film that are higher on my priority list (Doubt, Milk, Frost/Nixon, The Reader, Revolutionary Road, Benjamim Button – to name but a few!)

Comment by Pat

I knew it!I knew you had to be a goat, honey.Makes perfect sense, Pat. My dad is one. So’s my aunt. I’ve had a number of girlfriends that were born the same week as me. AND THE MEN…You don’t even wanna know. But the connections between people are always there. Then when you find out that you were born within the same few weeks. This has happened A LOT. I have Leo rising. I’m a little more flashy than the average serious cool customer that is the classic goat and there is a certain amount of drama queen floating about. But it does amp up the take no prisoners energy even more. So, very interesting…I’m glad you’re feeling better and that you’re enjoying the time off. Look after your back. Don’t shovel so much. I’ll have to send someone down there and pay him well. You wouldn’t want that, would you…?Hee hee.

Comment by Miranda Wilding

So glad you are feeling better-Also glad you were able to make it to Indy to see the fam.I want to see Frost/Nixon, Doubt, Rev Road, and The Reader too. I am not too keen on Milk –in the promos Sean Penn seems to be playing the same character he played when he was Dakota Fanning’s father –before she got all annoying. I know it is way different, and I appreciate the story, and Sean is a great actor, blah blah– but that damn voice (and it is the EXACT same voice as the Dakota Fanning movie) would drive me to stick toothpicks in my eyes if I had to listen to it for 2 hours, so I will just save myself the trouble. I have heard pretty bad things about Benjamin Button, and that disappoints me as I want to love it becasue I love Cate Blanchett.Maybe someday if our schedules permit we can hit one of those movies together.D and I have WAY DIFFERENT movie tastes so Valkyrie was the only one we could even halfway agree upon. Yes, after the first of the year, let’s try to schedule something for dinner.

Comment by Parisjasmal

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