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The 20 Favorite Actresses Meme (presented in a very boring format)
December 11, 2008, 2:30 am
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This was supposed to be a post full of pictures, but Blogger is giving me fits tonight.

I was tagged by Rick Olson at Coosa Creek Cinema for the “Twenty Favorite Actresses” meme recently launched by Nathaniel of Film Experience. I had fun compiling this list, but I wish I could have successfully added their pictures. Unfortunately, Blogger locks up and starts misbehaving after I upload the seventh or eigth picture.

So, screw it – you know what these women look like anyway.

Here are my choices, meticulously sorted into alphabetical order, ’cause that’s how I roll:

1, Joan Allen
2. Anne Bancroft
3. Annette Bening
4. Juliette Binoche
5. Cate Blanchett
6. Patricia Clarkson
7. Judy Davis
8. Laura Dern
9. Irene Dunne
10, Judy Holliday
11. Holly Hunter
12. Isabelle Huppert
13. Laura Linney
14. Frances McDormand
15. Helen Mirren
16. Vanessa Redgrave
17. Maggie Smith
18. Emma Thompson
19. Julie Walters
20. Kate Winslet

I’m tagging:

Nayana at The Center Seat
Lbetolis at Film for the Soul
Jen at Monkey Posh
Daniel at Getafilm
Rachel at Rachel’s Reel Reviews

Have fun, kids!


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Very good list … you took it in an entirely new direction from me. You chose actresses who could actually act. Who knew you could do that?I especially like your choice of Patricia Clarkson, one of my very favorite Queen of the Indies, and Maggie Smith. I had Maggie in mine, but I substituted some air-headed pinup type, Michelle Pfeiffer, I believe.(And, you might provide links to the folks you tag … the pingbacks will alert them they’ve been tagged. Just a thought.)

Comment by Rick Olson

Rick -Well, just wait till the 20 Favorite Actor meme comes around – it’ll be a whole different story with regard to talent vs. hotness.And thanks for the gentle reminder about providing links to the “tag-ees.” By the time I finished the post last night, I’d been fighting with Blogger for over 2 hours, so I succumbed to “Cut and Paste” fatigue.

Comment by Pat

Another vote for Helen Mirren and Judy Davis from me. I love those two. In fact, I fell in love with Judy Davis not with A Passage to India but Husbands and Wives, she’s just magnificent in that. And Irene Dunne is truly an all-time favorite of mine. Great list Pat.

Comment by Jonathan Lapper

You know, I really like this meme. The choices are great, and I could have put any one of the actresses (the ones I know, anyway) on the lists I’ve seen.

Comment by Rick Olson

Jonathan – Oh yeah, Judy Davis totally owns “Husbands and Wives.” She’s so great at playing those strong, angry, difficult women. Another great performace is in “Children of the Revolution.”And Irene Dunne would make this list for “The Awful Truth” alone, but, of course, she did lots of other great stuff, too.Rick – It is a fun meme, so interesting to see and compare everyone’s lists.

Comment by Pat

You’re killing me smalls!!I am off to Miami in the morning, but I will dutifully do this list in when I return next week.I just now read your alphabet movie list. I have been careful not to read it until I did my list so I would not be tempted to copy. To funny we both put Life Is Beautiful although on different letters and in a different language….and Zoolander! We must try to get together soon. I will be in touch when I return from South Beach.xo

Comment by Parisjasmal

Jen -Sorry, the last thing I want to do is “kill” you!No need to be dutiful about this – just post your meme if and when you have the time. There’s always time to admire our favorite actresses.I’m very envious that you’re in a warm climate right now!

Comment by Pat

Ooo, Irene Dunne. GOOD one!

Comment by Marilyn

Yikes, I’ve been tagged three times now. I better get on this soon…

Comment by Daniel Getahun

Marilyn – Irene, for me, was the best of the screwball comedy heroines. Daniel – Can’t wait to see your list!

Comment by Pat

Now this is interesting. Tons of overlap on the men.BUT WE DON’T HAVE A SINGLE WOMAN IN COMMON.Kinda funny, huh? But I do celebrate your selection of these incredible chicks:JOAN ALLEN took me A LONG TIME to warm up to. There is no disputing this woman’s talent. But I used to find her rather cold in performances. Quite offputting. But THE UPSIDE OF ANGER won me over FOR GOOD. The scene at the wedding where she bitch slaps the hell out of poor MIKE BINDER (actually the director of the piece who wrote the part for her!) is worth the price of admission. I’ve worshipped ANNE BANCROFT since I was a kid. In a perfect universe, she would have made my list. Just unbelievable: THE GRADUATE, THE MIRACLE WORKER, THE PUMPKIN EATER, THE ELEPHANT MAN…ENDLESS great performances. PATRICIA CLARKSON is a brilliant character actor. JUDY DAVIS is exceptional. I like the fact that her clear eyed intelligence is vitally stamped all over every bit of work she does. JUDY HOLLIDAY left this world much too soon. She was a sunshine girl. Wonderful comedian. HOLLY HUNTER was also someone that I wasn’t taken with immediately. But when I saw a wide variety of her work over time and became comfortable with her acting style I was definitely in her corner from that time on. Plus I think that, as role models go, we can’t have enough vital sexy women in their 40s. We’re all going to get there some time…and if we know there are women in that age range STILL kicking ass and taking names, well…LAURA LINNEY has a very engaging presence and she’s always interesting to watch. I WORSHIP FRANCES McDORMAND. I wish I could have found a place for her in my Top 20. Such an amazing range. She can go from playing a controlling but loving mom (ALMOST FAMOUS) to a frumpy English governess (MISS PETTIGREW) to a hot as hell wildly sexual – and completely uninhibited – record producer (LAUREL CANYON) without blinking an eye. Same for HELEN MIRREN. She’s fantastic. I love the fact that, at her age, she looks just as gorgeous and is certainly as alluring as many women half her age. Plus she’s an acting powerhouse. VANESSA REDGRAVE is someone else that I deeply regretted not being able to include. Acres of beautiful. Also one of the genius acting talents of the last several decades.MAGGIE SMITH is an acting goddess. I bow to her. JULIE WALTERS is a delight. She’s so skilled at comedy that people forget what a first rate actor she is. PERIOD. Especially in EDUCATING RITA and BILLY ELLIOT.Bravo, girl!!!

Comment by Miranda Wilding

Aw, hell. This is the second time I’ve done this.I am also a very big admirer of JULIETTE BINOCHE. She makes it all look so effortless. (And as anyone who’s ever acted can tell you, MUCH OF THE TIME IT’S NOT.) Plus she has the gift of appearing ethereal and luminous simultaneously.But she’s French. They’re good at that…

Comment by Miranda Wilding

Miranda – So glad to hear from you!And I’m especially glad to see some love for Judy Holliday, since I’m the only blogger I’ve seen who listed her.She was indeed a sunshine girl, and (as I’m sure you know) it takes a pretty smart, skilled actress to play dumb as convincingly as she did.

Comment by Pat

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