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On a Little Break….
October 6, 2008, 12:08 am
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Back in the days when I had time to read books, I sometimes found that a trip to a good bookstore could be an overwhelming experience.

There I’d be browsing among the stocked-to-overflowing shelves, and I’d have this actual, physical reaction – something like a very mild panic attack – where I’d start breathing rapidly and I’d feel almost dizzy. There were so many good books to choose from, and the choice was so overwhelming, I couldn’t pick just one or two to buy.

I’ve started to have a similar physical reaction whenever I browse my DVR or Netflix queues, spend an extended amount of time reading posts by my fellow bloggers, or even when I peruse the Movie section of my Chicago Tribune. I gave up on seeing a matinee today because I couldn’t choose between “Choke,” “Elegy,” “Religulous,” “The Duchess” or “Miracle at St. Anna.”

So, folks, I am taking a little break. I’m forced to admit that, throughout my entire life, film has been a frequently recurring – but not absolutely continuous – obsession of mine. Every now and then, when I’ve been seeing too many movies in too short a time, I burn out. At such times, the best remedy for me is to kick back, stay out of the multiplexes for a few weeks, and indulge some of my second-tier obsessions (books, music, live theatre, shoe shopping, travel). October seems a good month to take a breather, particularly when: 1) the blogosphere is buzzing about horror films, a genre for which I’m far too squeamish and sensitive a viewer to have much enthusiasm; and 2) I’m starting in a new position at my company this week and need to focus all my daytime energy on learning a new part of the business. I need to give my love of cinema a little rest and breathing space, and I fully expect to come back renewed and enthusiastic in a few weeks. (And it’s not completely dead, anyway; I’m VERY excited that the next disc I’m due to receive from Netflix is Dreyer’s “Day of Wrath.”)

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to read and comment on the fine work of my fellow film bloggers, and will put a few (possibly off-topic) posts up from time to time.

Thanks to all of you who read my blog regularly and I hope you’ll continue to stop by over the coming weeks.

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I couldn’t imagine taking a break from cinema, but good luck to you, Pat!We’ll all be waiting for you when you return (to cinematic posts, I mean). The only film among your choices I have seen is Elegy, which I would more heartily recommend if you were a straight guy. Take care. 🙂

Comment by Alexander Coleman

Alexander -Thanks for the kind word. I think what I really need is just a short break from the blog to figure out what films I really most want to focus on and write about.As for your other comment, I’m kind of chuckling over that. Since I go by a ‘unisex’ name, I sometimes wonder if people realize that I’m a woman, not a guy.(Pat is short for Patricia, in this case.) If you thought otherwise, you wouldn’t be the first to make that mistake.

Comment by Pat

Say it ain’t so!You were my fellow Chicagoan film blogger. Where will I find another!Seriously though, we await your return….


“October seems a good month to take a breather, particularly when: 1) the blogosphere is buzzing about horror films, a genre for which I’m far too squeamish and sensitive a viewer to have much enthusiasm”Not for the same reasons, but horror isn’t my bag, either, and I feel your pain here. I’ll be checking in; thanks Google for my Reader – I’ll know exactly when you’re back. 😉 Enjoy the break!

Comment by Fletch

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