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So Many Movies, So Little Time: A Poll
August 7, 2008, 11:41 pm
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I’ve gone and done it again. I’ve gotten excessively trigger-happy with my DVR and now have 13 movies awaiting me in the queue. There’s so much good stuff waiting to be seen that I don’t know where to start.

So, reader, let me open this decision up to you – which movie(s) should I watch first, and why? And are there any I’d be better off deleting right now than ever taking the time to watch?

The choices:
12 Monkeys
Apocalypse Now**
Crash (the 1996 David Cronenberg film, not the 2005 Best Picture)
The Fountainhead
The Graduate**
The Letter
Lost Highway
Monsieur Verdoux
The Saddest Music in the World
(** I’ve seen before)


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I recently saw Sunrise for the first time and I was completely blown away. So I’d vote for that one and Lost Highway, which I haven’t seen, but is very near the top of my Netflix queue.

Comment by Jandy

I’m not sure, hon. A lot of those I’ve never seen… but I agree with Jandy. Sunrise is awesome. I’d recommend you watch it just for its place in movie history.

Comment by Nayana Anthony

“Saddest Music,” of course, given your comment over at my site!

Comment by Rick Olson

Hmm, I haven’t seen most of these, but I think The Fountainhead is getting a remake soon, so that could be interesting…

Comment by Daniel G.

Also, you can’t go wrong with Fellini, so his last masterpiece Amarcord would be a good choice. It’s one of my favorites.

Comment by Rick Olson

It looks like there’s supposed to be a poll there, but I didn’t see anything.Anyway, I vote for 12 Monkeys (don’t listen to Marilyn 😉 ). Fantastic sci-fi done Gilliam style. A favorite. Plus, David Morse is in it, and he’s pretty much awesome. Oh, and Christopher Plummer, too. Oh, and Frank Gorshin (sp), too. I didn’t have the caring to make it through Lost Highway. Crash is decent, but only if you like freaks.

Comment by Fletch

Everyone-Thanks for the input!Following Nayana’s and Jandy’s suggestion, I started my morning with “Sunrise.” Really beautiful film, great recommendation.Then per Rick’s first suggestion, I watched “The Saddest Music in the World.” I had mixed feelings about that one; it’s imaginative,for sure, but it eventually wore me out(as do all movies that sacrifice story and emotion for weirdness and stylistic excess. Yeah,I’m not just talkin’ about Guy Maddin -I’m talking about you, David Lynch!)Next up, “Amarcord” then “12 Monkeys,” and I may get around to both of those this weekend.Thanks for playing.

Comment by Pat

I’m late to this, but I would go GungaDin, Sunrise, and The Fountainhead

Comment by Fox

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Comment by Anonymous

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