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Check out "LAMB Devours the Oscars"
January 30, 2008, 11:11 pm
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Starting this week over at the Large Association of Movie Blogs (LAMB), there’s a blogathon goin’ on: “LAMB Devours the Oscars.”

Each day, a different member of the LAMB community writes about a different category for the 2008 Academy Awards. This will last until just up to awards time.

This Monday saw a very entertaining post from Nick at Boomstick Reviews on the Best Art Direction nominees. As Nick so aptly observes, the award is all about “everything that makes a movie look pretty or gritty” – and he tells us which pretty and/or gritty flick he believes will take this Oscar.

Yesterday’s post on the Best Visual Effects award, from Jason of Invasion of the B Movies, includes an hilarious recap of nominee “Transformers” (a movie I have no intention of ever seeing, since I have the feeling Jason’s recap is way more fun than the real thing!)

And today, you can catch my thoughts on the Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing categories – two awards I knew nothing about till I did some ‘net research for the post. What I learned was actually pretty interesting, and gave me a whole new appreciation for the craft of creating film sound. I hope I’ve been able to communicate some of my newfound enthusiasm in my post.

I encourage you all to keep returning to LAMB over the next 3 weeks for more fun commentary and insight on the upcoming Oscars.

And let’s all keep a positive thought that the ceremony will actually take place, in spite of the writer’s strike. I’m taking it as a good omen that the Grammys got a waiver from the Writer’s Guild – here’s hoping the Oscars will get the same consideration.

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hi pat! yep, i already read your entry at LAMB. quite informative. looking forward to the other entries from the rest of the LAMBs. =o)

Comment by mikemachacon

Great post! ;)Just one correction – Nick’s site is “Boomstick Reviews.” No sweeping there.

Comment by Fletch

OOPS! My mistake – the link has been corrected.

Comment by Pat

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