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A Few Words on the Golden Globes
January 14, 2008, 5:22 pm
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I’m old enough to remember when no one gave a damn about the Golden Globe Awards.

It was a time long, long ago – before there was InStyle magazine, before there was the E Channel, before there were two hours of pre-show red carpet coverage broadcast before every entertainment awards show.

The Globes were shown at 10:30 pm CST on a Sunday night, and as best I can recall, they weren’t even on network televsion (which, in the days before basic cable, meant they were shown in syndication. My recollection is that they were shown on WGN-Channel 9 in Chicago; I could be wrong about that.) And they were considered something of a joke, rather than a harbinger of award winnings to come. I remember well the year that Pia Zadora won the Best Newcomer award for a movie called “Butterfly;” I can’t say I remember the movie itself, though. Some of you reading this probably don’t even remember Pia Zadora, but she was a bit of a joke herself.

All this quaint history is by way of explaining why I didn’t really miss the Golden Globes ceremony last night. It’s never been the hallowed tradition for me that the Oscars have been. But I think the news conference format last night – hosted by the team from “Access Hollywood” – may have been a new low in awards show television.

Things got off to a bad start right away with the first award, Best Supporting Actress in a Film. Billy Bush announced Cate Blanchett as the winner for “I’m Not There” – and then, without so offering so much as a simple “Congratulations” to Blanchett, immediately went into a diatribe on behalf of Amy Ryan’s performance in “Gone, Baby Gone.” Ryan really deserved the award said Bush, “because, when you come right down to it, Cate Blanchett’s performance was just a woman imitating a man.” Yep, that’s pretty easy to do right.

Perhaps, now Billy Bush could work on his imitation of a gracious awards presenter.

Since when is it appropriate or even acceptable for the person announcing an award to express his disappointment in the choice of recipient? Especially on national television at the very time he’s announcing the winner? How unbelievably rude is that? Unfortunately, the trend continued, with Bush and co-presenter Nancy O’Dell offering us all their deep thoughts on every subsequent category.

This would explain why I tuned out about 15 minutes into the news conference. Much more enjoyable just to read the list of winners on the internet this morning, then suffer through that.

I can’t say either “Sweeney Todd” or “Atonement” would have been my first choices among the films nominated for the Best Musical/Comedy and Best Dramatic Films respectively. I’d have chosen “Juno” and either “Michael Clayton” or “Eastern Promises” myself. I was thrilled to see Marion Cottilard win for “La Vie en Rose.” Daniel Day Lewis, of course, was a shoo-in for “There Will Be Blood,” although I was secretly rooting for Viggo Mortensen. Otherwise, I was content – if not thrilled – with the film winners.

And I was very happy that HBO’s movie “Longford” picked up some Globes for Jim Broadbent and Samantha Morton, as well as the Best Movie or Mini-Series. It was an extraordinary film, quite deserving of some recognition.

I’m expecting a much slimmer volume of In Style to arrive next month – with no Best and Worst of the Golden Globes gown reviews to fill its pages. But I can live with that.


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HA HA Pia Zadora!I agree–I was so uninterested in the Globes. Billy Bush is such a nimrod. Remember his interview with Jeremy Piven last year at some awards show where he just kept asking Jeremy if he had seen Suri Cruise. It is probably on YouTube and it was horrid.I did not get to see many movies this year, so I was lost. Hooray for Tina Fay though. Female Second City writers RULE!Feb may be slim for InStyle, but get ready for March, it is going to be a thick one.

Comment by Parisjasmal

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