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Beauty Challenge Day 6: Maybelline Express Finish (plus Saturday Movie Talk!)
November 3, 2007, 6:29 pm
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Today’s beauty product represents yet another happy discovery for this beauty klutz, and, like Wednesday’s selection, it comes from Maybelline.

I love nail polish, but when comes to actually polishing my nails, I’m a little lazy and a little klutzy and very impatient.

I tend to keep my fingernails short, rounded and polished clear, since I am so hard on them. Also, I’m a bad, mistake-prone typist in the best circumstances, and with long nails, I’m even more likely to hit the wrong keys on the keyboard.

I do like having polished toes, and I do indulge in a salon pedicure now and then. But I get bored when I have my nails done, especially when waiting for them to dry. I give myself a lot of pedicures at home, but I’m just as impatient there. The whole business of putting on base coat, letting it set, applying a few thin coats of polish -one at a time, and then putting on a top coat just wears me out. Put all that together with my stunning lack of dexterity when handling a polish brush, and you’ll understand why many of my home pedicures end up being an unholy mess.

Fortunately, on that same trip to Ulta when I first picked up the Expert Eyes set, I was looking for a new nail polish. For some crazy reason, I was obsessed with finding a bright, geranium pink shade, and I was sure the OPI line would contain just the thing. I never made it to the OPI shelf, though, because I found what I was looking for in the Maybelline Express Finish Timely Rose shade.

The color was great, but here’s the beauty part: the polish went on smoothly and easily, looked great after just one coat, and dried really fast. They don’t call it “60 second nail color” for nothing. I did do a base coat and top coat, but I wasn’t nearly as grumpy about it as I usually am.

Since then I’ve become a devotee of Maybelline Express Finish. Their color range is not nearly as extensive as OPI’s, nor are their polish names as witty, but they save me so much in time and aggravation that I just can’t live without them.

OK -now for some movie talk.

I get an enormous kick of spotting now-famous stars in old TV shows or movies, made before they got famous and usually featuring them in some role which is totally atypical of the way they are now perceived. (Ever catch Jack Nicholson’s guest role on the “Andy Griffith Show”?)

So it was real hoot for me when, on Halloween, I watched the 1976 horror classic “Carrie” for the first time since high school, and spotted among Carrie’s teenage taunters – Edie McClurg!

Yup, that familiar character actress – who, ten years later, would go on to play the chubby, chirpy school secretary in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” – is one of the mean girls tossing maxi pads at Sissy Spacek in the opening locker room sequence. In “Carrie,” she’s young and fairly slender and rocking one of those center-part, winged hairdos that we 70s high schoolers loved so much, plus a pair of huge, heavy black spectacles that make her look oddly like Velma from the “Scooby Doo” cartoons. Guess she was already pegged as the character actress, and they had to add the nerdy glasses to “ugly” her up a little.

Have you ever seen “The Wild One” – that 1950’s flick with Marlon Brando as the leader of a motorcycle gang?. The one where someone asks Brando what he’s rebelling against, and he comes back with the classic answer, “What have you got?”

You’re going to be a lot less impressed with Brando’s gang of tough young thugs when you realize that one of his members is:

Hank Kimball!!! The dopey county agent from “Green Acres” ! (The actor’s real name is Alvy Moore.)

Also riding a chopper with Brando – Jerry Helper, Rob Petrie’s next door neighbor from “The Dick Van Dyke Show” (actor Jerry Paris, shown here with wife Milly Helper, aka Ann Morgan Guilbert) Does this guy look like a mean motorcyle dude to you?

I know “The Wild One” was a classic in its day, but I SO can’t take it seriously. I mean, c’mon, if you saw Hank Kimball and Jerry Helper roaring their choppers into your town, how threatened could you possibly feel? This casting makes the movie unintentionally hilarious to me.

My apologies for how small some of these photos are. (they’re from, google images,,


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