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Beauty Product Challenge Day 5: Jergen’s Original Scent Lotion
November 2, 2007, 1:15 pm
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Today, the blog is dedicated to my beautiful new niece, Veronica Mae, born yesterday morning. Eight pounds, 21 inches, no pictures yet, but trust me, she is a pretty litte doll! Her adorable big brother and I have a date at Build-a-Bear today to make teddy bears for himself and his brand-new sister.
Something about having a new baby in the family is making me all nostalgic. So today’s Beauty Product recommendation is based as much on fond memories as it is on current product performance. But you’ll indulge me in that won’t you?

There are certain scents that evoke powerful, growing-up memories for me. The scent of a freshly unwrapped bar of Dove Soap always reminds me of my grandmother’s house where Dove was the soap of choice in her bathrooms. The smell of woodsmoke conjures up memories of Girl Scout camp sing-a-longs and S’more making around a campfire. There is an almost indescribable confluence of aromas that I sometimes experience in diners or fast-food joints – a combination of grilling burgers, toasting buns, French fries just out of the fryer, chocolate syrup, soft-serve vanilla ice cream, and orange soda – that sends me right back to my teenage days working at the local mom-and-pop drive-in restaurant.

And then, there is the unmistakable cherry-almond scent of Jergen’s Lotion.

When I was growing up, my mother always had a glass bottle of Jergen’s on her dresser, and used it daily on her hands, forearms and elbows. In the winter, before I’d go out to play in the snow, she’d dab some on my cheeks to keep them from getting chapped.
I thought Jergen’s was the most luxurious stuff in all the world, and I loved, loved, loved its rich fragrance. I don’t even remember how old I was – maybe in high school? – before it ever registered with me that there were other brands of moisturizer in existence. And it was only in recent years that I learned that the source of its amazing scent was, indeed, cherries and almonds.

This is what Jergen’s looks like today – well, what the Original Scent version looks like anyway. There are lots of other varieties out there now, including a self-tanning variety that I use in the summer. Original Scent is marketed as much for its nostalgic value as for its moisturizing properties, but it is still a pretty good product. It still feels luxurious to me, and it leaves my skin soft, but not greasy. And its scent is as amazing as ever.

One warning: do NOT be a cheapskate and try to get your classic Jergen’s fix from the Target store brand “equivalent.” I did, and it was a BIG mistake. They got the scent right, but the lotion left my skin feeling sticky and waxy and gross. My advice is to kick in the extra buck-and-a-half or so, and get the real thing. It is SO worth it.

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