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Beauty Product Challenge Day 4: Burt’s Bees Wild Lettuce Soap
November 1, 2007, 1:45 pm
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Today, I want to rave about my favorite cleanser of all time: Burt’s Bees Wild Lettuce Complexion Soap.

I love picking up any Burt’s Bees product – they’re fun and inexpensive and I love that you can find them anywhere from the supermarket to museum gift shops. I first found the Wild Lettuce soap, in fact, tucked into a little travel-size set I picked up in the gift shop of the Dallas Arboretum while on vacation last year. The soap was labeled as being for dry and sensitive skin, so I thought it would be a good cleansing choice for the harsh Chicago winter months.

It was! The soap has the sort of grainy, textured appearance that suggests a scrubby/exfoliating type of cleanser – one that might leave your face a bit roughed up. Fear not – it lathers up into a nice sudsy cleanser that is absolutely gentle and completely non-drying. I’ve never once experienced the slightest stinging or redness after using it. After rinsing the lather away, my skin feels very clean and very calm all at once.

I actually now use the Wild Lettuce bar year round. It has enough cleansing power for the muggiest dregs of the summer, yet is gentle enough for blizzard season. According to the Burt’s Bees website, this gentleness is attributed to the wild lettuce extract, wild comfrey leaf powder and aloe vera it contains. Whatever. I’m no botanist, and I’m no dermatologist, so I can’t speak to the veracity of those claims. All I know is I love this soap, and at $8 for a big bar that lasts close to forever, it’s the best skin care bargain I know.
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Good to see you yesterday!I am so going to try to find this soap today and order it.I found the Tomato one at Meijer, but I did not like the scent at all.Happy Saturday Mon Ami Gabi (bastages).

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