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BOOO! Beauty Product Challenge: Maybelline Expert Eyes
October 31, 2007, 10:31 am
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Trick or Treat!!!! Happy Halloween to all!

In the spirit of the holiday, I’ll have some words about pumpkin treats later, but first…. the beauty product of the day.

Maybelline calls this palette their Expert Eye Shadow Quad. I call it Eye Shadow for Dummies.

I mean that as a compliment.

‘Cause when it comes to wearing more than two eye shadow colors at a time, see, I’m a bit of a dummy.

I’ve loved playing with makeup since I was 13, but when it came to eyeshadow, somehow I was never able to get it quite right.

(We won’t talk about those scary teen years when my everyday look was blue shadow on the lid, frosty white on the brow bone, dark blue inside the lower lash line and navy Great Lash to finish it all off. Or the equally scary family portrait, circa 1986, in which my severely overplucked brows are barely visible above two wide swaths of frosty lilac.)

I’ve purchased lots of lovely shadow sets over the years (favoring combos of brown or pink/violet/burgundy shades to set off my baby blues), but I can never remember which colors go where. Which goes on the brow? Which one goes in the crease? If any directions were included, they were usually on the cardboard outer wrapping which got thrown away as soon as I got home from shopping.

For years, I played it safe by rocking a neutral (or neutral-ish, at least) matte shade from lashes to brow, accented with one darker, deeper color in the crease and maybe at the outer corner (e.g. MAC Naked Lunch, accented with Sable). It wasn’t hideous, but it wasn’t really doing anything for me, either.

Then one day while browsing the Maybelline rack at Ulta, I found this amazing four-color eye “Expert Eye” shadow palette which told you where to put each color by actually writing the proper area of application on the shadow itself! Just look at the illustration above – the colors are clearly marked as being for Brow, Lid, Crease and Outer Corner. Huzzah! Finally an eye shadow compact for ditzy girls like me who are usually putting on their makeup on in a half-caffeinated morning stupor! Sure, the printing wears off after you’ve used the shadows for a couple of weeks, but by then, you’ve got it mastered. At last, my eyes have drama and impact!


I love the flavor of pumpkin; however, I do not love to look like a pumpkin (i.e. round).

Come this time of year, I love to indulge in pumpkin treats and they are everywhere! Dunkin Donuts has pumpkin donuts. Edy’s makes a yummy “limited edition” Pumpkin ice cream. Starbucks is cranking out their amazing Pumpkin Spice lattes. (And we haven’t even gotten to pie!)

If the waistband of my jeans is any indication, my unbridled passion for these autumnal goodies is starting to catch up with me. Soon it’s going to be a choice between fitting in to the clothes in my closet or making one more trip through the Dunkin Donuts drive-through and then heading straight to Lane Bryant. Even my health club even posted a warning about Pumpkin Spice Lattes on the bulletin board last week (“Danger! A Venti has 510 calories!!!” That’s a whole lotta treadmill time to burn off a beverage.)

Fortunately, I’ve been doing a little ‘net research lately, and there are low-cal, low-carb pumpkin goodies available, if you know where to look.
For example, I discovered a sugar-free Pumpkin Pie syrup from DaVinci Gourmet . Ever since I became the proud owner of an Aerolatte hand-held milk frother (like the one Cindy Crawford was using on Oprah yesterday!), I’ve been whipping up tasty lattes in my own kitchen. Now I can add a low-cal Pumpkin Spice variety to my home repertoire.

And here’s an interesting recipe from Hungry Girl for a Pumpkin Peach Smoothie (click here and scroll down a ways to see the recipe). It sounds a little weird, given what’s in it (canned pumpkin and Diet Snapple Peach Tea are key ingredients), but it’s actually delicious. I made mine with Dannon Light Vanilla yogurt, 2 Splenda packets and a generous sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice. Totally filling and really satisfied my pumpkin jones. If you haven’t discovered Hungry Girl yet, you should check them out. There are plenty of other tasty treats on their site – all low-cal, low-fat and with Weight Watchers points listed to boot.

(photos from Google images,,)


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“Or the equally scary family portrait, circa 1986, in which my severely overplucked brows are barely visible above two wide swaths of frosty lilac.”I am cracking up Pat! That is hilarious. I want to see this picture–seriously. I usually always wear a bronzey eye shadow–safe and very little effort. I love how you added some seasonal goodies to your beauty post!Pox on starbucks and the muy delicioso lattes full of sugar!!! Pox pox pox! Have a good day!

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