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Beauty Product Challenge: Dove Pro Age Eye Treatment
October 30, 2007, 10:32 am
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Everyone has a quest. For years, my quest was to find a really good daytime under-eye moisturizer. My only criteria were: 1) it must have SPF; and 2) it must actually DO something – really make those lines a little softer, those bags a little less baggy, those dark circles a bit lighter (and not just promise to.)

This year, I finally found what I was looking for: Dove Pro-Age Eye Treatment.

Ok -first, a smart aleck-y note about that PRO-age thing. I know Dove is making money hand-over-fist with that whole “Real Women” campaign, but are they really PRO age? How can you be in favor of aging while, at the same time, you’re selling a whole slew of products to eliminate all evidence of it? Wouldn’t PRO-age products be more along the lines of, say, wrinkle deepeners? Skin driers? Jowl enhancers, even? I’m just sayin’….

The good news is that, even as they cleverly disguise their intentions, Dove is selling some pretty good products. I loved their eye treatment the first time I used it. It has a very thick, slightly creamy texture that I haven’t found in any other comparable product. (Now that I think of it, its texture is strangely similar to … spackle! Hmmm, well, make of that what you will.) Anyway, it goes on easily, without tugging. I swear I can feel it actually firming up my undereye skin as I apply it. The SPF is a little lower than I would have liked (8, where my preference would be a minimum of 15), but it does the job. And it comes in a fragrance-free version for sensitive skin.

The bonus for me is that this product – being from Dove as opposed to say, La Mer – is very reasonably priced. I picked up my latest tube from Target for $14.99. I’ve paid a lot more in the past for eye creams I liked a whole let less. This one is a steal.

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Love this review. I, too love Dove Products. In the past, I have had issue with eye creams with SPF. I NEED eye cream with SPF, BUT more oft than not, they irritate my eyes. Is this one gentle on the eye ball?

Comment by Parisjasmal

I’d say this one is pretty gentle. I tend to have sensitive skin, and I’ve never had a problem with it.BTW, I am loving your posts this week. That Armani cream sounds great!

Comment by Pat

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