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Red-Faced Retraction
August 11, 2007, 12:38 am
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Ok, this is why I don’t blog about fashion or fragrance….

Apparently that fragrance I sampled -and blogged about – last night was not the new Estee Lauder Private Collections Tuberose Gardenia.

It was, in fact, the Lauder classic Private Collections parufum spray with top notes of honeysuckle, jasmine and citrus. No wonder it conjured up memories of Avon for me – since one of my grandmother’s favorite scents was Avon’s Honeysuckle.

Well, I said I had no nose for anything – this proves it! Actually what tipped me off was the packaging. When I went to some fragrance blogs today to re-read their reviews, I saw they were accompanied by pictures of a small, elegant bottle of parfum, with a Josef Hoffman-inspired design – and price tag of $100 an ounce. That is definitely NOT the bottle from which I spritzed my wrist at Macy’s last night.

I blame the saleswoman – I specifically asked to try the NEW TUBEROSE GARDENIA Private Collections scent. Turns out, Macy’s doesn’t even sell this new scent. (I can’t help but believe that in the days when the store was Marshall Fields, I would never have been led astray this way!)

So my apologies to the people at Estee Lauder for inadvertently deriding their newest fragrance. The jury’s still out here on Tuberose Gardenia.


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