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Vacation’s Comin!!! And not a minute too soon…
June 7, 2007, 11:45 pm
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Whew! Why is it that when you’re getting ready to go away on vacation – to, you know, RELAX – your life goes berserk-busy??????

I have a “To Do Before Vacation” list about as long as my arm (and I have pretty loooong arms, let me tell ya). In order to take tomorrow afternoon off – under the auspices of my company’s “Summer Hours” plan -I’ve had to work an extra hour every other day this week. Those nine-to-ten hour work days are starting to wear me out. All day, while I’m working, the weather is beautiful. Then when I finally get off work, and I’m ready to run some errands (important stuff – buying sunscreen, getting my brows waxed, picking up cat food and litter), the thunderstorms roll in. And that’s no kind of weather to shop in. Grumble, moan, bitch, complain….

Ok, enough of that. On the bright side, tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day, all day. I’m off work at noon and I’ll have time to shop for vacation essentials before my mani/pedi appointment. Tomorrow night, I’ll have a leisurely night of laying out my vacation wardrobe, maybe having a glass of wine, and finally watching the DVD of “Volver” that I rented from Blockbuster last Friday night! On Sunday it’s off to Vegas, baby, Vegas! Four days and nights at the fabulous Bellagio, probably my favorite hotel in all the world. (See the picture above, with the fabled Bellagio fountains in full gush.)Long afternoons by the pool, with a good book or fashion magazine in one hand, and a cool, frosty Mojito in the other. Late afternoons browsing the Forum Shops. Evenings at Cirque de Soleil or “Spamalot” (starring they very yummy John O’Hurley – I’ve had a crush on him since he was J. Peterman.) Late night dinners. Mornings spent sleeping in. Aaaah…. I need this! I’ve needed it for two months.

The only downside is – I have stupidly booked our flight on Sunday so that we will be in the air while the very last episode of “The Sopranos” is being broadcast in the eastern half of the U.S. Our plane lands at 7:11 pm Vegas time, so if we’re lucky, we’ll make it our room in time to catch most of the show when it airs there. I can’t bear to miss it!!! Despite all my good intentions, I have not given up TV for the summer, not when “The Sopranos” are still on. And I’ve gotten hooked on 2 or 3 “What’s gonna happen on ‘The Sopranos’?” blogs. Reading everyone’s predictions for the final episode is my new little addiction. Personally, I don’t have a clue, as evidenced by my last prediction that Christopher would turn state’s witness and rat out the family. Well, as we all now know, the very next thing that happened was that Tony finished off Christopher himself. So much for my prognostication ability. My favorite theory so far is that Silvio went to the Feds (why couldn’t they find out anything about his condition from the hospital? Should we believe his brother’s report that he’ll never regain conciousness?) All I know is that I’m OVER AJ and his whiny ass. I don’t know what role he’ll play in the finale, but if he does anything, I’m sure it’ll be stupid.
And I might as well admit that HBO’s favorite New Jersey crime family isn’t the ONLY thing I’ve been watching this summer. For one thing, Kathy Griffin is back on Bravo, and I can’t stop watching her “Life on the D-List” show. Also, my girl, Samantha Brown, is all over the Travel Channel this month, debuting her new Latin America series, along with copious reruns of “Girl Meets Hawaii” and “Passport to Europe.” I love Samantha Brown – she is so clean-scrubbed and wholesome-looking (somehow reminding me of both Gwyneth Paltrow and a churchgoing soccer mom), but she is so, absolutely down for exotic adventure! She’s so game about learning to pilot a Venetian gondola or making a solo, late-night visit to an Argentine tango club, and she’s always enthusiastically ready to try the local liquor specialty or the oddest regional foods. I totally want to be her in my next life – or maybe the next half of my current one! (photo of Samantha Brown, below, from; Above, photos of Bellagio Hotel from, of Carmela and Tony Soprano, from

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