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Memorial Day Musings
May 26, 2007, 6:37 pm
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Another dreary, cold Memorial Day weekend has arrived. In my memory, all Midwestern Memorial Days are like this – rainy, chilly.

When I was growing up in Indiana, this holiday was more commonly known as Decoration Day. We’d snip peony blooms from the bushes in our front yard, put them into water-filled, foil-covered tin cans, and take them to the local cemetery to ‘decorate’ the graves of deceased grandparents, great aunts and uncles. The local American legion would sell poppies – not the actual flowers, but little red tissue paper poppies on thin wire stems that could be looped around a rear view mirror or a button on your jacket for display. As I recall, the poppies were in honor of the poppies that grew in Flanders Field, the American military cemetery in Belgium, near the scene of the final battles of WWI. (A fact which I have confirmed on Wikipedia – from whence comes the photo below of artificial poppy wreaths at Flanders Field itself.)

So to my mind, Memorial Day has never been a particularly sexy holiday, never much associated with cookouts or water skiing or other warm-weather hi jinks. I always associate it with rain and gloom, and thoughts of departed ancestors. Therefore, I was not disappointed by a Saturday that arrived with rain and thunder. My bad weigh-in at Jenny Craig today (up 1.8 pounds – well, that’s what a rebellious, late-week Dorito binge will do for you. See previous post for details.) My plan was to take it easy today and catch up on my reading and On Demand movies. So far, I’ve read most of the June issue of Oprah’s magazine. And that’s about it.

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