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Wednesday Wanderlust
May 17, 2007, 12:24 am
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At 6.5 weeks single, I’m still dealing with the aftermath of my breakup. One day I’m fine, the next day I’m overwhelmed by waves of grief and melancholy. Today is a waves-of-grief-and melancholy kind of day. Everything in my path is reminding me of my ex. Even a quick, mindless channel surf tonight turned up: “The Producers” on HBO (we used to quote lines from it all the time – Ulla’s “Okie-slash-dokie” line was a standard catchphrase for us); Sarah Michelle Gellar (his top celebrity crush – he’s a big “Buffy” fan); and reruns of “Project Runway” (which I used to watch and discuss near-obsessively with his daughter).

Normally I’d cope with all this by going face first into an extra large bag of Doritos and eating my way to the bottom. But now I have that damned Jenny Craig woman in my life, and a midweek Dorito binge will lead to sad news at my Saturday morning weigh-in, no matter how many Killer Pilates classes I squeeze in in the meantime. (Bad enough I gained back .2 pounds last week – even as my personal weight loss hero, Valerie Bertinelli, is crowing on her blog about her 18.2 pound loss!!! I fully intended to accompany this part of the post with a photo of Ms. Bertinelli in her appropriately titled 1984 TV movie, “Shattered Vows” – but there were no such photos to be found anywhere on the net).

At times like these, I need a little escape – and if escape isn’t to be found in junk food, the next best thing is travel. My next planned getaway is to Vegas, but lately I’ve been escaping into memories of memorable vacations past. Here are some of my favorite spots:
This photo is from the Dingle Peninsula on the west coast of Ireland. It’s not actually one of my vacation photos (it’s from, but it is frighteningly similar to a picture I did take while visiting Slea Head. The west coast of Ireland has some of the most ruggedly beautiful scenery I’ve seen anywhere. No picture does it full justice. And the people are friendly and warm. My favorite story from the Dingle: we were there on the May bank holiday, which is a 3-day holiday weekend. On Sunday night around 7, we went into a pub to get some dinner and were told “Oh I’m sorry. We had a bit of a busy day, and we ran out of food.” Needless, to say they were nowhere near the end of their Guinness supply!Aah, Santorini!!! Someday, I want to return to Greece and explore other islands, but I have great memories of this one. I actually rode a donkey up the cliff to reach this village, Oia, where we watched the sunset. (photo from Is it scary to ride a donkey up a steep cliff like this? Well, yes – but since I was riding just behind a screaming Italian woman and just ahead of a screaming Englishwoman, I made the concious decision to be the calm, rational American in the middle. And really, the view was great. (And so was the white wine, a local quaff called moschofilero – somewhat like a pinot grigio, and it goes down like water!)

Ha, ha! This, of course, is New York – and a normal person would have posted an iconic shot of say, Times Square or the Statue of Liberty. I’ve seen both, and they’re nice – but since I started my escape talk with junk food, I thought it appropriate to end there. The Magnolia is the home of legendary cupcakes, and rightly so. These little babies ($1.50 each when I was last there, in September) have a dense, not-too-sweet cake base topped generously with the sweetest and creamiest frosting you’ll ever experience this side of paradise. I hear that cupcake-cravers line up all the way down the block for admittance to this tiny, bustling bakery. But on both my trips there, I’ve arrived around 10 or so on Saturday morning and walked right in. I love this Bleecker Street neighborhood, too – lots of great bookstores and designer shops. Supposedly great celebrity-spotting area, too – although I’ve yet to spot a star in the vicinity. (photo from

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