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Ob La Di, Ob La Da…
May 9, 2007, 11:22 pm
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Life goes on…. Rah!
La, la, how the life goes on!
(or words to that effect)
— Paul McCartney

So life is going on, and I’m getting a little stronger and a little happier each day. Unlike Molly of this little Beatles ditty, however, I’m not happily coupled with a Desmond, But that’s Ok. One step at a time. Or One DAY at a time, as my new personal weight-loss idol, Valerie Bertinelli, might say. More on that in the next paragraph.

I’m getting back into old routines and starting some new ones. Monday nights are “Killer Pilates” at the park district. (OK, the park district brochure did not specifically identify this Pilates class as being of the “Killer” variety – but my abs know better.) Saturday mornings are now “weigh in at Jenny Craig” time. I lost 4.7 pounds my first week! (Out of respect for the precision of Jenny’s digital scale, I will not round it up to 5 pounds.) So, only 16.8 pounds left to lose. I want to match the progress of my new personal idol, Valerie Bertinelli, and lose 10 pounds in the first three weeks. So the Killer Pilates classes will keep going – along with lots of walking and daily, tasty Jenny snacks. I love the desserts – the double chocolate cake, the lemon cake, the chocolate walnut brownie. I like to tart them up with a little fat-free whipped topping and some berries on the side (I save a fruit serving to do this.) Add a hot mug of decaf Javanilla coffee, and you’ve got a major dessert experience.

And I tend to enjoy my dessert in front of the tube. I’m down to just a few favorite shows now. My goal for summer is to keep the TV turned off from Memorial Day to Labor Day, with the exception of news and rainy-day DVDs. But I’m enjoying the last season of “The Sopranos,” and and – like all dedicated “Sopranos” junkies – trying to figure out how it will all end. Will Cristafuh kill Paulie? Will he turn state’s witness and rat out the family? Will Paulie kill Cristafuh? And what about AJ? Yikes!!! I feel very good about myself when I compare my recent post-breakup behavior to his. I pray and I journal and I exercise – AJ wallows in suicidal misery for weeks, then recovers his zest for life by getting drunk and torturing Rutgers frat boys. I predict some dark destiny for AJ before the series winds up.

At a friend’s recommendation, I read “Eat, Pray, Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert. It should become a breakup classic, required reading for the recently broken hearted (men as well as women.) Gillbert writes about the year she spent travelling to Italy, India and Indonesia after a divorce followed by a tempestous relationship that also ended badly. (Question: why is it that, after messy breakups, writers immediately pack their bags and soothe their souls by going to exotic places? Whereas, Average Janes like me just go to Stein Mart and Baskin Robbins?) In Italy, Ms. Gilbert learns to speak Italian and to appreciate pizza and pasta at a whole new level. (So far, so good. I can relate to the idea of excessive carbohydrate consumption as a response to lost love.) In India, she chants and meditates at an ashram, and has out-of-body experiences in which she becomes one with God and all of mankind. (Whereas when I experience a comparable level of divine ecstasy, it’s usually in Nordstrom’s shoe department.) Finally, she goes to Bali to study with a revered medicine man, and ultimately find true love and mind-blowing sex with an older Brazilian man. (Hmmm. She’s ahead of me there….) Gilbert is everything I like in a writer: funny, frank and self-deprecating, even when discussing her ashram experiences. I liked her, and I loved the book. And I’m feeling a bit of wanderlust as a result….

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