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A Snowdrift Ate my Credit Card
March 13, 2007, 10:44 pm
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“February is the season of small sorrows when everyone feels middle-aged even if you are 16…”
– Garrison Keillor

I don’t feel this way about February every year, but I sure feel this way about February 2007.

The month just past was an awful month here in Chicagoland. Heavy snowfalls. Icy roads. Subzero wind chills. Way too much use of phrases like “Winter Storm Watch in effect” and “Strong winds causing blizzard-like conditions” on the morning newscasts.

But the last four days here have been like a trip to Heaven. Beautiful, sunny skies and temperatures inching up every day, to a high of (gasp!) 70 degrees this afternoon!

I was focusing on the blue skies and the sunshine, and plans to take a lunchtime walk outdoors when my phone rang at work this morning. It was the front secuity desk calling: “Did you lose a credit card recently?”

I had lost a card, but I’d lost in mid-February, nearly a month ago, during the worst of (what I like to call) the “assault weather.” I’d used it to buy gas, and then tucked it into the pocket of my Lands End down parka. When I went to retrieve it the next day, it was gone. I’d scoured my car, my purse, my desk and my entire home to no avail. I’d long ago cancelled the card and opened a new account.

But today, under a sunny blue sky, someone found my card in the parking lot at work. It had apparently been buried for weeks in a pile of wet, dirty snow that had finally melted. The security guard handed the card to me – it was scratched, tattered, and mud-splattered. “I really had to work just to clean it off enough to read the name on it,” she told me.

It’s an ugly little card and worthless now, but for some crazy reason, I want to hold onto it.

On an entirely different note:

Every time I think I’m being oh so original, clever and cute…. I inevitably get brought up short.
In my previous post, I called myself a Frugal Fashionista – and really thought this charming little moniker was all my own invention. Turns out, there was a Frugal Fashionista in the blogosphere well before I arrived. Check out this site if you want to dress like a star on a normal person’s budget.


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