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Welcome to Doodad Kind of Town
March 11, 2007, 1:54 am
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Last year, I started a blog called “Joni’s Window.” I was determined to write all kinds of profound and meaningful things, while at the same time keeping my friends up-to-date on my latest comings and goings.

Somewhere around July, my plans went straight off the rails, and the “Window” has been mostly closed ever since – save for post or two about Robert Altman’s death and Bette Midler’s Christmas CD.

What happened? Two things:

1) I found it was exhausting to even TRY to write profound, meaningful things on anything like a regular schedule. Too much pressure! I set the bar way too high and scared myself away from writing.

2) I fell in love. And my life took on a whole new rythymn. I’d been the prototypical single, independent woman, making the most of my single life – and then, I wasn’t going through life by myself anymore. My schedule changed, my life changed – my writing time went out the “window” (no pun intended) while I figured out how to live my life as half of a couple. Nine months later, I’m starting to get the hang of it. Even now, as I’m writing this, my sweetheart is in the kitchen, making us a lovely Saturday night dinner. Yes, I had the amazing luck of finding a man who cooks!

So, it’s time to start writing again, and starting a new blog seemed like a great way to start fresh.

Where does the name of my new blog come from?

One of my favorite movies is a bio of the legendary writer Dorothy Parker,”Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle.” In it, Ms. Parker tells a psychiatrist who attempts to help her: “I drink, but that’s because I’m thirsty. I fall in love, but only with married men. And I write doodads because it’s a doodad kind of town.” I love that line. I can find no evidence that the real Dorothy Parker ever uttered those words – they’re likely the work of a talented, modern-day screenwriter – but, to me, they’re pitch-perfectly Parkeresque.

Writing profound, meaningful things is a daunting task. When I approach my writing with that as the goal, I inevitably wind up feeling defeated and useless (especially when I end up dishing about Celine Dion or Woody Allen instead – see the old blog for evidence!) But I CAN write doodads – that’s not daunting, that sounds like fun! So doodads it is from now on – hopefully entertaining doodads, but just doodads all the same.

Thanks for reading, and please keep coming back.

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